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UNESCO cultural landscapes: largest ensemble of German world heritage sites



Enjoy the charms of this town and region which is particularly calm and tranquil.

The “Kulturlandschaften“ – Cultural Landscapes – have been listed as the largest UNESCO World Heritage Site in Germany since 1990. The historical quarters of the town, the Russian Colony Alexandrowka, the Dutch Quarter and the unique Bohemian Weavers quarter in what is now Babelsberg convey the flair of a European town.


The traditional former UFA Film Studio Babelsberg, the Potsdam Biosphere nature world, the park on the old BUGA grounds, the “Weiße Flotte“ boat trips and Krongut Bornstedt make a trip to Potsdam an unforgettable experience. The many cultural sites on Schiffbauergasse, the Potsdam Theatre and events such as the Potsdam Palace Night are also on offer in Potsdam.

The numerous cycle paths and walking trails are another special attraction of the region.

Potsdam is an island in the middle of many forests with surrounding lakes on the Havel river and is right next to Berlin, the other former residence of the Prussian crown.

Berlin has quickly become a European multicultural metropolis. It has all the possibilities that a big city has to offer and is both an idyll and a hub.